Engaged- Crystal & Miguel( Jamming in Jamaica)


Engagement sessions

They increase the confidence and comfort level of the bride and groom in front of the camera and allow the bride and groom to practice having their photo taken in a fun, no-stakes atmosphere. Ultimately, an engagement session will let the bride and groom see why we  might tell them to do something funny, and this leads to wedding day comfort and trust in us.


Do you want to experience unique  and authentic Jamaican culture?  Let us  provide you with the opportunity to meet and engage with Jamaican locals. 

Imagine yourself

  •  Hanging out with A Rasta Man,  Jerk Chicken/Market Vendor
  • Driving a Push Cart in a Market
  • Standing at a famous monument or statue in Jamaica
  •  Enjoying a Jamaican beach or garden scene
  • Sampling Jamaican cuisine and listening to reggae music



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